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Well, not too much to say about me-- I'm just a twentysomething geek who happens to love sewing costumes for herself and her friends! I got into costuming in summer 2002 after seeing Attack of the Clones. (Trash the movie all you want, but OH MY GOD THE PRETTYPRETTY DRESSES!)

My schedule for 2009 is looking like San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon*Con-- too many other things going on this year for more cons, alas. I'm looking at getting into some more historical costuming, which should be fun.

To contact me, send me an email at queenc AT queenc DOT com. (Please to be replacing the AT and the DOT with appropriate symbols.)  Please, please let me know if you find any broken links!

This site's design is a Livejournal template, and the site organization was inspired by StormTrooperPrincess's superb Leia Costuming site.  Thanks so much, STP!
<-- Me with a felt beard. Why? Dunno. Made sense at the time.
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