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Debby's wedding dress

Our friends Debby and Dan got engaged three days before our wedding, and decided to hold the wedding in Las Vegas, to coincide with the opening of Episode III. Debby asked me if I would make her dress, and I agreed.

As it turned out, Debby's idea for a dress design was remarkably simliar to my original dress concept, except she wanted it to be scoop-necked and off-the-shoulder. That made things easier, because I'd already done a fair amount of pattern research for making the dress, and I knew the style would look good on her.

Making this dress was definitely a labor of love for us both. We'd have marathon sessions where Debby would spend hours at my house working on her programs or bridesmaid gifts, and I would sew like mad and call her over for periodic fittings. It kept us both honest-- it's a lot harder to procrastinate when someone else is there with you.

In the end, I was really proud of how the dress turned out. I don't think I'll ever make another wedding dress, though; the stress of having to get everything exactly perfect was too intense. (All self-inflicted pressure, I should point out. Debby was fantastically low-maintenance and not at all demanding.) But I was more of a perfectionist about her dress than I was about my own!



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