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Elizabeth's island shift
Elizabeth acquires this shift while on the Black Pearl in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie and wears it under the plum dress, but I think it stands quite well on its own. In fact, Elizabeth is wearing only this shift during my favorite scene in the movie-- when she and Captain Jack get marooned on the desert island. ("But why is the rum gone???")

I'd been planning to make this dress for years, and I finally made it, along with the plum dress, for the Masquerade at San Diego Comic-Con 2006. Our group-- six of us from 2005's Big Damn Heroes, plus three new folks-- called ourselves the PDQ Pirates, and we presented the entire plot of the first POTC movie in just under three minutes. We had so much fun with the skit, and we ended up winning Best Presentation, which was a total thrill! There's a video of our skit on YouTube here. Hopefully we'll have a page for our group up soon, with pictures and more video!


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