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Padme's family gown
This lovely (and quite revealing!) dress was cut from the theatrical version of Episode II, but it can be seen on the DVD, in the scene where Padme returns to Naboo and visits her family. I hadn't planned on making this dress quite so soon, but then the fabric I'd bought for the underskirt of my Arwen chase dress magically accordioned up in the wash and turned into the perfect fabric for the family gown!

Unfortunately, that fabric absolutely refused to dye the correct color, but the dress was already stuck in my head and I still just *had* to make it. Luckily, the marvelous Ferdalump came to my rescue with an even better fabric! I didn't have great dyeing karma with this fabric, so it didn't turn out quite as dark as I wanted, but I still really like it. I debuted this dress at San Diego Comic-Con 2004 after staying up all night to finish it!

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