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Han Thunder Solo
My sparkles, let me show you them! We were brainstorming for the Comic-Con 2007 Masquerade via email, and Kel and Cordelia said, "Hey, we've got three girls and a guy, so what about Star Wars Dreamgirls?" I replied with "Spangles on the Leia dresses and sequined bloodstrips on Han's pants?" and we were off and running. Cordelia whipped up a parody medley, we all recorded our parts, and I endlessly rewatched the movie to learn the choreography and teach it to the others. We had a great time with it, and we were very excited to win an industry award from Lucasfilm! You can see a video of our skit on YouTube here.

I had so much fun designing and making a James Thunder Early-style Han costume! I kept coming up with ideas that involved more and more sparkly and shiny things, a few of which my husband wisely talked me out of. I'm very pleased with the final product, although I still want to add all the front pockets to the vest, and my husband really wants a gun belt. (A SPARKLY gunbelt, I say!)


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