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Londo Mollari
This was definitely not a costume I had ever planned to make, I'll tell you that! My friend Cordelia suggested a skit for the San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Masquerade that involved a bunch of sci-fi characters with big hair doing a song-and-dance skit to the song "Hairspray" from the musical of the same name. My husband, who's a big Babylon 5 fan, said, "I want to be Londo!", the Centauri ambassador with an impressive sideways mohawk. I agreed to make the costume if he handled the wig. (He decided to make the wig bigger than it actually was on the show, to up the silliness factor of the skit.)

There were six of us altogether in the skit; two characters from Hairspray (Cordelia and myself), Londo, and three other sci-fi characters: Yeoman Rand from Star Trek TOS, Syndrome from The Incredibles, and Bride of Frankenstein from Bride of Frankenstein. We had a great time with the skit, got a fantastic audience reaction, and to top it all off, we won Judges' Choice, which we were *not* expecting at all! There's a video of our skit on YouTube here. Londo got a huge cheer from the audience when he first appeared! Still plenty of B5 fans out there. He's also worn the costume without the wig and people still recognized him, which I consider an unqualified success!


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