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In point of fact, there's not really much construction involved in this costume; I bought every piece and then altered a few of them. And there are a ridiculous number of pieces to this costume! I use little ziploc baggies to keep track of all the jewelry. Here's a rundown of where I bought everything, from head to toe :
  • Wig: the Anne wig wig in Golden Brown from Cosworx, trimmed down substantially. I really wanted a slightly lighter color, but the only blonder option was super-blonde, which wasn't right either.
  • Hairbow: a length of red lace fabric from Jo-Ann
  • Earrings: Etsy
  • Pearls: Charlotte Russe
  • Black-and-silver beads: The Icing
  • Chain necklace: The Icing
  • Dogtags: My own
  • White shirt: Wal-Mart
  • Denim jacket: Ebay, embellished with fabric paint and 20SS heat-fix rhinestones from The Rhinestone Guy (3 gross, plus another 75 or so smaller ones I had on hand). I attach my rhinestones by placing them upside-down on a hot plate until the glue melts and bubbles, then using tweezers to quickly press them into place. It's about a million times faster than using those one-at-a-time applicators.
  • Jelly bracelets (black and multicolored): Wal-Mart and Ebay
  • Black bangle: H&M
  • Yellow beads: Claire's
  • Belt: The Icing; I added the X shapes with white yarn and a tapestry needle
  • Skirt: Etsy
  • Fishnet leggings: Ebay
  • Lace ankle socks: Ebay
  • Shoes: Wal-Mart

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