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Sith cheerleader
When they announced the title of Episode III at Comic-Con, and then started selling shirts, I was thrilled. I thought they looked awesome. However, by the time I got one, all they had left were extra-large and extra-extra large. So I got an XXL, figuring I could cut it down to a sort of mini-dress, as I'd done before with a huge T-shirt.

And then the idea sort of...mutated, as I started thinking about modifying the skirt and adding some color and suddenly it became the most obvious idea in the world-- I should clearly be a Sith cheerleader! It fit perfectly with our group's Friday activity at GenCon Indy 2004, a sort of silly mock-Olympics. I had lots of fun brainstorming ideas for evil Sithly cheers with my teammates. ("That's all right, that's okay, we're gonna kill you all someday!")

In summer 2007 I finally took the plunge and bought an "official" Sith cheerleader outfit so I could join the "team" photoshoot at Dragon*Con 2007. I love my sharp new cheerleading outfit! It's even more fun to wear it as part of a big group.

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