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Will Turner
Johnny Depp may have stolen the show in Pirates of the Caribbean, but Orlando Bloom was no slouch, either-- his Will Turner sent the hearts of girls (and women!) the world over all a-flutter.

During my sixth viewing of Pirates (why yes, I did quite like the movie, why do you ask?), it occurred to me that one of my friends would really make an excellent Will Turner-- he was tall, had the right build, and his hair was quite long as the result of a bet with a co-worker. One day in September 2003, while we were over at his house, I floated the idea of his dressing as Will for Halloween. He wasn't opposed, so I dove right in, and when I presented him with the costume in late October, he liked it so much he wore it home, and then wore it to work on Halloween! (Yes! Another costuming convert!)

This costume actually does double duty-- with the addition of different pants, and the removal of the stockings and shoes, it becomes a passable hobbit outfit.


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