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Zoe Washburne
Chances are, you're looking at this photo going, "Who the hell is Zoe Washburne?" If you're an Alias fan, you're thinking, "Ooooh, Anna Espinosa!" and if you're an Angel fan, you're thinking, "Aaaauugh, Jasmine!" It is, indeed, the actress Gina Torres, playing one of the strongest, kick-assiest, gun-totin'-est women ever to grace the small screen. Zoe was one of the main characters on the short-lived series Firefly, often described as a "space western" but really so much more than that. If you've never seen Firefly, I really recommend that you do; you can get the whole series on DVD from for only $29.99.

Okay, enough of my preaching. Zoe's a great character, and she and her husband, Wash, have one of the strongest marriages I've ever seen on a TV show. So when my husband and I got tickets for the May 26 screening of the upcoming Firefly movie Serenity, we decided to go in costume, and who better to dress as than Zoe and Wash? We only had a couple of days to throw the outfits together, but I think they came out pretty well. (His was entirely bought-- a green jumpsuit and a thrift-store Hawaiian shirt.) I might rework the vest sometime in the future.


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